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(Español) Noticias de actualidad sobre lugares que visitar en Valencia


19/01/2019 by DescubreValencia13 No Comment

We are ambassadors of our city, part of the DiscoverValencia team has passed the Mediterranean hospitality course organized by the Ministry of Tourism. Are the Valencians hospitable? Of course, always receiving customers with a big smile and kindness. The Mediterranean Hospitality Program is an AVT initiative to remind us and promote one of our best ...

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(Español) 12 meses, 12 escapadas por la Comunidad Valenciana

09/01/2019 by DescubreValencia13 2 Comments

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19/12/2018 by DescubreValencia13 No Comment

Hello to all our followers, one of our challenges of 2018 has been fulfilled, and at the point of expiring the year we obtained the tourist quality certificate. Through the Chamber of Commerce during this year, we have been working and passing a series of indispensable filters to get the certificate. You can consult the ...

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(Español) Emprender en femenino. Jornada Cámara de comercio Valencia

04/12/2018 by DescubreValencia13 No Comment

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(Español) Queremos un turismo sostenible, no turismo de masas.

07/11/2018 by DescubreValencia13 No Comment

In these times in which we live, tourism continues to be one of the engines of our economy. Therefore, we must stop and reflect. We want tourism, yes, but not mass but sustainable. We want a tourism that respects our environment, that does not degrade our spaces and that lives with the residents. Because in ...

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