Descubre Valencia - Ruta de la Seda

Descubre Valencia - Silk Road

Can you know at firsthand, why it was so important silk trade during the SXV to SXVIII in the city of Valencia, we accompany you to discover the origin of the silk trade and many curiosities also have the opportunity to visit unique areas:
  • The Silk Exchange.
  • The Almudín.
  • The College of Art Silk Mayor.
  • The Velluters neighborhood.

Read the story of an industry that made the city shine in all its splendor …are you coming?
Duration: 2-2,5h.

Type of public: All audiences.

Price: 19€ for person.
*Reduced to 15 Euros for students, pensioners. (Accrediting it due)
*Free children until 12 years old accompanied of an adult.
* Includes tickets to monuments.
When: On request, check availability.

Hour: 10,30h.

Language: Idioma Español Idioma Ingles Idioma Italiano *Other languages, to consult availability.

Point of meeting: MUVIM door, Street Quevedo 10. Click here to see map

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