poblado del Grau en Valencia

DescubreValencia - GRAU

Guided Tour

Historic port town, Villanova Maris Valentiae. commercial entrance to the Mediterranean. On this route we will know the past and present of the Port of Valencia Clock building, sheds, boatyard, Veles e Vents, Marina Real … etc.

And walk through these streets full of shops, wineries and ancient inns, market, dockyards … streets with large representation of industrial architecture, reinvented for new uses and the neighborhood Canyamelar. Visit the rice museum (optional, not included entrance)..

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Duration: 2h

Type of public: All public.

Price: 10€.

When: Friday .

Hour: 11h AM.

Language: Idioma Español *Other languages, to consult availability.

Meeting point: Building Front Clock. Click here view Google maps

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