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The Festival de les Arts is born from the connection between music and other artistic disciplines such as design, illustration or gastronomy. A festival with soul, which seeks to support the city of Valencia by promoting its spaces and its artists. A new project with a sustainable spirit for adults and children, where all artistic expressions and cultural movements will be accommodated.

The City of Arts and Sciences is our home is our home from our beginnings. 3 stages (one on the water), over 24 hours of music, a gastronomic variety in our Merkat Foodies, designers and emerging brands at Les Arts Market, live illustrators and fireworks. All this and much more, will be what you will live if you come with us to the Festival de les Arts.

One more year comes the Arts Festival to the City of Arts and Sciences.
You want to know what groups come this year, there are many confirmed repeat and new surprises …

Look what poster we have prepared:
Cartel 2017in the section line-up , you can discover many more groups.

The highlights of this year as a strong point stands out the group Fangoria with Alaska at the top, a performance that many people expect …
If you you enter the web in the section line-up , you can discover many more groups.

Buy your ticket and do not tell it !! WE GO;: P

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