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Fallas Unesco,the artist’s workshop

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With the arrival of March, good weather, spring, the Fallas arrive to Valencia, our most international festival, now declared by UNESCO as an Intangible Heritage of Humanity.

Like every year around this time, we set off our Fallas tour.
A fallero tour, where from the hand of our official guides we will know the history of the faults, their origins and in a guided walk of 2h and a half of duration we will discover and approach the main monuments falleros to all the public explaining its meaning.


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This year on the eve of our party, we slip into the workshops where the artists work … a whole year of work so that our most international party looks with all its splendor …

Many people work around the Fallas, but it’s them, the fallero artists, the professionals. Last week along with other official guides, fellow professionals we enter the fallero theme, we held a new training course by the Guild of Fallero artists, who did not discover other secrets of the party so we can transmit on our routes, As ambassadors of the party.


Did you know that the history of the Fallas, as a monument made of wood skeleton and covered in stone cardboard, has a lot to do with the carpenters’ guild.
Formerly coinciding with the beginning of spring, carpenters on St. Joseph’s Day, their patron, who coincides with the great day of the Fallas, took the old tracts to the squares to make them burn, already in full SIXX.


Surely many Valencians know that song that says: “A velvet stall for the Falla de Sant Josep …..”

Pincha quí
It is a tradition that has been maintained and transformed over time, adding new materials, forms, characters and creating the office of fallero artist.

To give us an idea, only 300 faults are planted in Valencia capital, and in the province around 700, the streets of the city are cut to traffic and become a real museum outdoors.

A party to be enjoyed by all, residents and tourists, with many events to participate, these are the main events of the failures:

– Wake up every day at 8am
– Mascletà every day from the Ayntamiento Square at 14pm
– Plantà March 15 all night
– Floral offer to the Virgin of the Desamparados 17 and 18 March in the afternoon, can be seen from Calle San Vicente and Calle la
-Cremà 19 March night

From DescubreValencia we encourage you to participate in all events, until March 14 at the Museum of Science you can still see the Exhibition of the Ninot.

To popular vote one of the ninots, which is considered the best of the year 2017, will be saved from the flames of fire.

We are waiting for you on our fallero tour.
It is essential to make your reservation
610622998, also via WhatsApp.

Text and photos: @DescubreVlc

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