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(Español) Queremos un turismo sostenible, no turismo de masas.

07/11/2018 by DescubreValencia13 No Comment

In these times in which we live, tourism continues to be one of the engines of our economy. Therefore, we must stop and reflect.

We want tourism, yes, but not mass but sustainable.

We want a tourism that respects our environment, that does not degrade our spaces and that lives with the residents. Because in Valencia we love tourists, think that “tourism” surrounds many things: hotels, restaurants, shops, transport, shipping, guides … help enrich the city and give many jobs, do not forget it; But beware, we must manage it well, both for the private part (companies that we are dedicated to the sector) and public part (City Council, Generalitat) that should help and ensure, because this tourism is controlled and sustainable.

We want a tourism that:

Respect residents or locals
respect the environment and do not pollute
respect our heritage and value it …

What is sustainable tourism and why is it important for our city? Sustainable tourism is based on tourism of any kind but always minimizing the impacts on the city we visit. In such a way that we can contribute to the economy and employment without leaving repercussions.

Mass tourism NO

DescubreValencia actively participates in a model of sustainable tourism in the city. We have criteria for heritage interpretation in our tours and tourism sustainability.

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