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Holiday of Tourist International Interest. The origin of the holiday of the Fallas goes back to the former tradition of the carpenters, who just before the holiday of his boss San José, were hot opposite to his workshops, in the streets and squares, the old utensils together with the useless devices of wood that they were using to raise the oil-lamps that they were illuminating while were working. For this motive the day of the Cremà (moment in which absentees burn the monuments) always it coincides with the 19th, Festivity of San Jose. In the 18th century, the Faults were diminishing to pyres of combustible materials that were receiving the name of Fallas and were hot to the eve dusk of San Jose.
These Fallas were evolving and being loaded with critical and ironic sense, appearing especially in the monuments absentees. The monuments of the Fallas arise this way.

The holidays begin with the First Mascletà on March 1, and continue until the 19th, these mascletàs take place every day at 2 p.m. from the Plaza of the Town hall. Where they make burn kilos of gunpowder, which does an enormous uproar and makes vibrate the holiday.

Though the week fallera, she remains concentrated from 15 on March 19, where one lives the holiday in the street, music, light and color. Focused both for the residents and for the tourist who comes of out.

They must not forget to walk along his streets adorned with the monuments, lights of colors and prove the authentic chocolate with buñuelos.

The city, it transforms in March to turn into a city dedicated to his holiday, to the music, to the gunpowder, and to the people.



It is the day of all the Valencian ones, the Day of the Valencian Community. And he remembers us as beech the year 1238, Jaume I entered with his troops to the city to conquer it and to liberate her of the Muslim domain.

From 1365, every October 9 the Valencian´s flag, the Senyera he presides at the acts. It is got down from the principal balcony of the Most excellent Town hall and moves in civic procession up to the Cathedral, where one is celebrated " Te Deum ", immediately afterwards to come up to the Flowerbed, where before the Statue of the King D. Jaime carries out a floral offering. On having ended the act and after singing the Valencian Anthem it is delivered in the Municipal File.

In addition this day coincides with that of the Valencian lovers. It is a tradition that every lover gives a sweets to his lover a "Mocadorà", because mocador in Valencian, it means handkerchief. Showing the symbol of his love.



We are before the celebration that historically has been considered to be the " Big Holiday " of the city. Beyond the felt catholic cigar, the Corpus is a sample of the conviviality of the festive, symbolic, metaphorical and religious spirit of the Valencian company.

The origin of the festivity places in 1263, but it would be in 1355 when the bishop of Valencia Hugo de Fenollet (the one who 5 years before would have baptized San Vicente Ferrer) would restore the procession.

Nowadays, thanks to the unsurpassable labor of the Association Amics of the Corpus of the City of Valencia, the holiday has taken again the vitality of his beginnings. It is a question of a procession where there appear multiple historical disguised prominent figures, who do it still more showy and attractive. It is in this occasion where only once a year, The custody extracts to the street procesional, that habitually is guarded in a showcase of the cathedral museum.



Celebrated this day always on the second Sunday of May, all the Valencian ones have an appointment with " The Geperudeta ", to whom they dedicate all kinds of honors and taxes.

The Mare de Deu dels Desamparats has a long history that happens from generation to generation, from parents to children. The Virgin of the Helpless ones, The Geperudeta (call like that for the position of the head looking down), it is said that the called like that for it, but the artist who realized the height in a beginning wanted to show us the scene of the death/sleep of the Virgin, and then they decided that it would do it of foot, it is for it at that the head looks down, rather anticipated thinking that the reclining image should rest on a cushion. But in addition to this position it is necessary to give him a symbolic sense since this way there is a major connection of the public inspector with the image, gathering his prayers. Beside being the Mistress of the city of Valencia, it was crowned canonically in 1923 in presence of the kings of Spain and diverse ecclesiastic authorities.

The Missa de Descoberta, Missa d'Infants, Movement and Procession are the moments most waited by thousands and thousands of public inspectors. But undoubtedly it is the movement the moment in which the Valencian ones express in a more spontaneous way his devotion.



Vicente, young woman deacon tortured in Valencia on order of the emperor Diocleciano in the year 303, woke great fervor up in the Valencian people.

He was nominated A Boss of the City, and across the years, the events were renewed and being extended in honor to the Martyr. In the morning of January 22 there instituted a general procession dedicated to the Saint, that going out of the Cathedral, it crosses some of the places where, according to the tradition, the Saint received martyrdom, to end with a Pontifical mass.



The most famous holy week in Spain, does not go towards Andalusia or the Castilian zone, but in Valencia, also it has very much fervor. Especially in the neighborhoods nearest to the sea, where every day there are processions.

Sunday and Easter Monday, it has a more marked and rural character.



With the collaboration the Palace of the Music and the Town hall of the city, every year celebrate the festival during the month of Julio, with numerous concerts, of payment and free. If you like the Jazz, this one is your month to come to Valencia, a city that lives to the sound of the music.
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During the first fortnight there is celebrated the International Contest of Bands of Music, restored in 1886. The Palau of the Music and the Bullring they are the scenes of so singular and prestigious Contest.



El Valencia Open 500 – ATP Word ATP Word Tour is a tennis competition of the circuit ATP that is celebrated every year in Valencia and it will be disputed in individual's category and doubles.

The scene chosen for this great sports event is the City of the Arts and the Sciences, sheltering the spectacular building Ágora, the Central Track of the tilt, a great multifunctional space with capacity for more than 5.000 spectators.

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During the summer, Europa's Great Prize of Formula 1 celebrates in Valencia. For it, Valencia I believe a few own infrastructures to create an urban circuit, taking advantage of part of the constructed previously in the zone of the port for the past America's Cup. That in turn is capable to guarantee the safety of the pilots with the enjoyment of the public.

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