DescubreValencia - Mercados

DescubreValencia - MARKET TOUR

Guided Tour

This route is aimed a specific public, the major ones or the third age though it is adaptable to all the public ones. It is a question of using 5 senses to enjoy everything the products that the city and its fields offers us. A mixture of smells and colors that we will find on the most beautiful markets of the city. Includes tasting of horchata, the typical Valencian drink.

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The following markets will be visited:

  • Ruzafa Market
  • Mossén Sorell Market
  • Central Market

Duration: 2-2,5h

Type of public: All Audiences

Price: 10 Euros for person.
*Reduced to 8 Euros for students, pensioners. (Accrediting it due)
*Free for children until12 years old accompanied of an adult.

When:From Monday until Saturday.

Hour: 10h.

Language:   Idioma Español Idioma Ingles Idioma Italiano  *Other languages, to consult availability.

Point of meeting: Main door Central Market



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