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The best brunch in Valencia

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With fashions everything comes, and also to Spain and Valencia, the fashion of brunchear has arrived.

Some already sound to them and others do not, we explain:
“Bunch” is a new word, a solution between breakfast and lunch, “is especially linked to the weekend, the moment you get up late and want to have something more than a breakfast” .

Especially at the weekend, when we have more time to relax.

We propose a list with the best sites, and we assure you that they are 10, because we have tried them.

1. Dulce de leche.
In the heart of the fashionable district, Ruzafa. We can find organic coffees and teas in addition to a variety of cakes, sweet or salty to delight anyone.
Brunch dulce de leche

2.La mas bonita
If you are in Valencia, what you want is to see and smell the Mediterranean. We propose you to approach this place located in the promenade near the Patacona.
Homemade, organic and fair trade food.
La-Mas-Bonita- brunch

3 Federal Cafe
Already existed in Madrid and have decided to extend to the other Spanish capitals. It is a mix of authentic and tasty Australian cuisine along with local produce. Very close to the City Hall and between hotels, perfect to rest for a while and eat well.
Federal Cafe brunch

4. Petite Brioche

Do you fancy a French breakfast? Here in this traditional pastry you can do it, located in the shopping area of ​​the city very close to Columbus.
Brunch Petite Brioche

5. Bluebell coffee
It is our last recommendation also located in Ruzafa, with interior terrace, a charming place in the city.
Their brunch is accompanied by “Mimosa” an appreciated neyorkino cocktail, based on cava and natural juice. A pleasure for the most exquisite palate.
Bluebell Coffee brunch

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