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PENELLA ext 14011 PENELLA int(plano)14011 Bus Turístico

Take a tour of Valencia, 2 different routes included in a single 24 or 48-hour ticket, depending on needs.

The two routes begin and end in the Plaza de la Reina.

The client has a time table that indicates in detail what time the bus arrives at each stop. Both routes last 1h and 25 min approx.

The client has 9 stops along its Historical route and 10 of the Maritime, being able to get off and on as many times as he wants.


Valencia Tour by touristic bus 24h 48h
Adult 16,00€  17,00€ 
Young  (de 7 a 16 años) 8,00€     9,00€  
Children (de 0 a 6 años) 0€ 0€
Complet with guided historical city tour,  only 10 euros more! Children until 12 years old FREE 26,00€ 27,00€

Special prices for groups. Consult us.


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