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The city of Valencia has been the inspiration for the movie multiple times …
Our city and its surroundings has served as the backdrop for films of different genres.

Principals in love with our city and were not a seguando not hesitate in choosing it as the setting for their stories , here are a few:
From the oldest as ” Cañas y Barro ” inspired by the novel by Blasco Ibañez ; dirigada film by Juan de Orduna , in 1954.

Other religious- like ” truth of faith ” by Juan Manuel Cotelo , that after shooting in many different countries and continents like Europe, Sudamércia , France, England …. also choose Valencia, as in the interior of the Cathedral custody is one of its greatest relics , the Holy Chalice .
Latest images shot in Seo and nearby streets , which will open the film was produced by the Catholic Valencian producer Infinity Plus One , and is “on an agent undertakes research on the truth of faith : if everything is false , continue as before but if something really needs to change , “said the director , who has indicated that he has not yet decided on the title of the film.
Until the very Almodovar , has surrendered to our city for a few days back in time … with “Bad Education ” back to the 40s, surrounded by 600 people at the time , a pleasure to see how you can change the city in just a few hours, the chosen scenarios were squares of the city especially .
Plaza San Luis Bertran came yesterday in a time warp for a few hours . Half dozen vehicles sixties , including a pair of six hundred curious that evoked some locations of the television series Wonder Years , made the central square Valencian receded almost 40 years in time. It was part of the laborious process of producing some drawings Bad Education , the next expected film by Pedro Almodóvar wheel that yesterday in the streets of Valencia.
Nevertheless, Almodóvar found some places in Valencia that convinced him to locate his film. Plaza San Luis Bertran and film Tyris were the places where the huge shed filming was set yesterday , but in the coming days will Benimaclet neighborhood , whose southern part manchego filmmaker was charmed to see the houses decorated with tiles Valencian ceramics, or El Carme, where the production team will bring to some of the traditional street Roques of the Corpus Christi procession .

Even other continents have been rolling in more modernist part of our city, the resort created by Santiago Calatrava , from Indian films Dude, Where they all dance to the rhythm of BollyWood .
The City of Arts and Sciences, the Town Hall Square or Plaza de la Virgen are some scenarios of Valencia in which a film production wheel these days one of the Indian musical numbers and romance action movie ‘ Ramayana Vasthawya ‘ .
Choosing Valencia in the interest of the producer responsible , he was ” in love” with Valencia and especially around the City of Arts and who ” insisted on shooting here .”
Or Disney ‘s latest film , starring George Clooney and Hugh Laurie . With the participation of over 300 extras as Valencia .
The U.S. company has chosen the architectural environment of the complex by the futuristic image projected to record some of the locations of this science fiction movie . The indoor environment and Umbracle , the Science Museum , the Hemisfèric and Palau de les Arts will become for a few weeks on the set of filming of this epic American adventure and mystery.

Not forgetting other genre like the western , here also films like ” Red Light ” were filmed .
These and many more were shot in Valencia, because we have a CINEMA city .

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