Valencia Jativa

Walking in Xativa - DescubreValencia

A few kilometers from Valencia, Xativa, the capital of the region of the Coast, is the birthplace of famous people and artists, including the famous painter José de Ribera, known as “The Españoleto” although possibly have gone down in history be the city that gave birth to two important figures of the Borgia family who became Popes, Calixto III and Alexander VI.

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His castle is strategically located in the highest part of the city, controls the entire city, where we find remains of the different cultures / civilizations that have passed through the city, Romans, Arabs and Christians among others. Composed of two castles, the major and minor.
Meet one of the cities of Valencia with more history, discover where is the famous painting of Philip V or why they call them “socarrats”.

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Duration: 2-2,5h.

Type of public: All audiences.

Price: 20€ for person.
*Reduced to 15 Euros for students and retired. (Accrediting it due)
* Includes entrance castle and museum.

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Point of meeting: PASEO ALAMEDA. Click here to see map



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