Descubre Valencia

About me

I am Amparo Morató, art historian, museologist and official guide authorized by the Generalitat Valenciana since 2008. Passionate about tourism, art, history and culture of my city and always willing to share it. I never stop studying and training to be able to offer the best guided tours to both tourists and residents.

Discover Valencia with the five senses. Look at life with the eyes of tourists who see beauty where others see routine.

Valencia is a city that has it all. From the oldest to the most modern, including the garden and the beach. A city full of cultural activities for all tastes and ages.

Since 2013 I have offered through my personal brand, DiscoverValencia, a wide catalog of routes and thematic guided tours.

The profession of the Tourist Guide is regulated in the Valencian Community according to regulations, protecting spaces declared as Assets of Cultural Interest, Historical-Artistic Complex, World Heritage Site, etc.

According to Valencian Laws 62/1996 and 90/2010, only and exclusively Official Tourism Guides duly accredited and authorized by the Valencian Tourism Agency can carry out guided tourist tour activities throughout the territory of the Valencian Community. Failure to comply with this Law is classified as a very serious administrative offense.

All our guides are official, that is, they have the relevant accreditation / qualification that allows them to practice their profession.

Symbol of guaranteed quality.

Furthermore, in our team we have historians, art historians or tourism scientists as well as teachers, which gives them the keys to be magnificent interpreters of heritage.


Sustainable and Responsible Tourism Award